Meet The Team





Atomic Number: 88

Korfball since: 2017 

I was looking to get back into playing a team sport (having previously played football among other things) when an advert for Abingdon Atoms Korfball Club popped up on Facebook. It looked fun!

Real life: Process improvement/drawing pretty flowcharts, that kind of thing.



Recruitment Officer

Atomic Number: 108


Korfball since: 2018


I joined the Atoms when I moved to the area as I was looking for a way to keep fit and make some friends locally. Everyone was very welcoming and it turns out korfball is really fun as well! 


Real life: "I'm a "strategist" at a B2B marketing agency - whatever that actually means..."



Club Mascot


Atomic Number: 0

Korfball since: 2019

I joined the club at a charity shop fancy dress social, and since then they have fed me, watered me, put a roof over my head and loved me very much.  They even took me skiing :-)  I love to hang out in the scoreboard box, it's snuggly and warm in there in winter.


In return I cheer on the sidelines at every match, and help keep score so everyone knows what's happening. 


Communications Officer and 2nd Team Coach 


Atomic Number: 1

Korfball since: 2012

Someone once said "Hey come and try korfball".  "What's that?!" I said.  The rest is history!  Korfball is great for beginners as whenever you join you’re likely to be playing with others who are new too.  Great sport requiring teamwork, and great people as well.  

Real life: Stuff with computers... see you're bored already...


Executive Helper


Atomic Number: 18

Korfball since: 2020


Joined Korfball in 2020 with Hannah to make some more friends and try a new sport. Spent the first few months learning guarded rules and not being able to pass a ball... still enjoyed every session which I think shows it's a great club.

Real life: Software Developer



Executive Helper

Atomic Number: 117

Korfball since: 2020

I joined with Ollie - we wanted to make some local friends and picked a sport we'd suck at equally to begin with. Despite not having been allowed to play proper korfball rules because of Covid it's been so much fun and people are super friendly.



(Like "Yellow", but said commonly...)

Social Sec


Atomic Number: 4

Korfball since: 2016

Why I like korfball: Fun team sport with mixed genders - we all boss each other about on the pitch. Pub Friday (any excuse for food) and the summer tournaments are my highlights.



Social Sec

Atomic Number: 30

Korfball since: 2019


I joined korfball to make new friends and learn a new sport...and I couldn't resist the chance to wear an atoms shirt, even if it is bright orange.

Real life: nuclear waste stuff


Executive Helper

Atomic Number: 8


Korfball since: 2016


Played for another club but moved to Abingdon Atoms in 2019 to learn front defence.

They seem like a friendly bunch!

Real life: Student Nurse Associate



Club Coach

Atomic Number: 10

Korfball since: 1995

Why I like korfball: I don't, not really. I just like bossing everyone around with my broken knee.  I've been with the club a long time and it's been great to help and see the club develop to what it is today. Aussie Rules and Beach korfball are exciting mix ups for summer training.

Real life:  Autonomous car things.  Drives me mad...



Welfare/Child Protection Officer 

(contact here)


Atomic Number: 22

Korfball since: 2019

I joined korfball due to their amazing recruitment abilities at a January beginners' course.

Real life: Technical wizardry stuff.


Club Treasurer

Atomic Number: 7

Korfball since: 2011

Why I like korfball: For the fun social side of our club and the nature of a team sport. #korfballfamily! I really love having the chance to do tournaments abroad and around the country.

Real life:  Balancing other books...



Fixtures Secretary

Atomic Number: 60

Korfball since: 2013

I joined korfball to learn a new sport, meet people and keep fit.  I stayed at korfball because it's amazing!

Real life mission: To transform the Atoms orange into Atoms purple.  Here is a photo from a club social.



Covid Officer (contact here)

Atomic Number: 13

Korfball since: 2017


Thought I'd try a new sport when I moved to the area. A few years of running around later, I love the team play, that we all still learn it every day and the awesome people!


Real life:  Tiny electronics stuff




Atomic Number: 17

Korfball since: 2020

I have joined the korfball club in 2020 because I wanted to both meet new people and exercise! I love team sport. Also it's been a great challenge for me to learn a new sport in a different language than my native one.


Real life: I'm helping customers in both English and French.



Social Secretary

Atomic Number: 29

Korfball since: 2015

I've joined the committee as a social sec to organise punting, nights out and other things that aren't at all socially distanced!  My favourite thing about normal korfball  is the foreign travel to exotic tournaments... which is also currently forbidden.

Real life:  Helping scientists.